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Pre-Owned Coins: Affordable Gold & Silver Investment

Coins: Second-Hand or Brand New? 

Many beginners in gold and silver investing wonder if they should purchase used or new coins. This article explains your queries about pre-owned bullion. Furthermore, it helps you determine the ideal products for maximising the amount of physical gold or silver you can acquire with your investment.

The benefit of choosing pre-owned coins

 In today’s digital marketplace, although new coins and bars often possess competitive premiums, they also incur extra costs like manufacturer’s premiums and delivery, making them more expensive than second-hand ones.

Apart from coins holding numismatic, historical, or collectable worth, the value of a used bullion coin depends exclusively on the current market price of the precious metal. As a result, bullion dealers often offer pre-owned gold and silver at reduced premiums compared to new ones, resulting in cost savings for investors.

Source of Pre-Owned Coins

 Many pre-owned items sold at Bullionjoy come from past clients, which means we often know the background of these products. In addition, each received coin or bar is inspected by our experienced staff and tested with the latest technology, ensuring the pre-owned product we offer customers is entirely genuine.

Purchasing Used Gold Coins

Used gold coins, such as Gold Sovereigns, Britannias, and Krugerrands, often offer exceptional value. Often sold as ‘mixed dates’ at a reduced premium compared to precisely dated coins, customers particularly favour them. Regularly restocked, check back often for more budget-friendly gold purchasing options.

In certain instances, our website’s pre-owned gold coins may be just a few months or years old, mainly for UK coins. Customers frequently sell us unopened tubes of coins, which are essentially as pristine as new ones.

Purchasing Used Silver Coins – VAT Free 

Exceptional deals can be had on used silver coins, specifically Britannias and Canadian coins. Leveraging the second-hand margin scheme enables us to sell most of our pre-owned silver coins to customers without additional VAT, significantly lowering retail prices and offering notable savings for silver investors. When you come across these VAT-free silver coins, seize the opportunity quickly, as they tend to sell out quickly.

Silver demand has escalated in recent years, causing difficulty in obtaining it. However, buying pre-owned silver coins can be advantageous, so it’s important to repeatedly check our ‘pre-owned silver’ page, as we update it instantly upon receiving new stock.

Is it better to purchase new or used coins?

Opting for pre-owned coins is often the ideal choice for investors aiming to maximise the amount of physical gold or silver they acquire.

New coins, typically sourced from mints or brokers, incur additional expenses like manufacturer’s premiums, making them pricier than used ones. Besides coins having numismatic or collectable significance, bullion dealers often offer pre-owned gold and silver coins at more competitive premiums than new ones, resulting in cost savings for investors. Additionally, silver investors can save on VAT by acquiring pre-owned silver coins.

In conclusion, opting for pre-owned gold and silver coins can be a smart choice for many investors. You can maximise your investment potential by understanding the benefits of pre-owned coins, such as reduced premiums and cost savings. Don’t forget to explore the Pre-Owned section to find the best deals on gold and silver coins, and contact the Bullionjoy team for additional information and guidance.

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