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Gold Coins

Gold coins are a great way to start investing in gold, as they come from renowned mints worldwide, and central governments back many. In addition, they offer protection against inflation and have unique designs, making them ideal for portfolio expansion. Therefore, buying genuine gold coins from reputable businesses is important to ensure their value increases over time. 

In the UK, Bullionjoy provides access to coins from royal mints, including The Royal Mint, The Perth Mint, The US Mint, The Royal Canadian Mint and the South African Mint, in weights ranging from 1/10oz to 1oz. Prices are based on live gold prices at the time of purchase, and coins available include 24ct pure gold and 22ct sovereigns. 

Gold Britannia’s, Gold Sovereigns, Gold Queens Beasts, and Silver coins with British legal tender status are exempt from Capital Gains Tax (CGT), making them attractive options for investors. For more information on proof vs BU, and gold sovereigns, visit the our blog to read more.

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