Gold Coins

Gold bullion coins are some of the best ways to start investing in gold. These coins come from renowned mints around the globe and many are backed by central governments, offering you a way to easily buy and sell physical gold online at Bullionjoy.

While often overlooked as investment options, gold coins are still a great place to start if you’re looking to buy gold as an investment option. Gold is unique in that it offers protection against inflation while also offering a unique design, making this the perfect way to expand your portfolio.

Precious metals can be a secure way of storing your money. For this reason, many people choose to invest in gold coins. When you buy a gold coin, it’s important that it is a genuine article, so you can be sure that you’re buying something that will hold its value and increase in worth over time. If you want to make sure that the gold coins you buy are real, it’s worth getting a reputable business.

What is the best gold coin to buy in the UK?

You can buy gold coins from Bullionjoy from the reputable mints; The Royal Mint, The Perth Mint, The US Mint, The Royal Canadian Mint, and South African Mint.

The weight of gold coins varies from 1/10oz, 1/4oz, 1/2oz to 1oz.

When you buy from, you will be sure to find a competitive price that is calculated using the live price of gold at the time of your purchase.

Gold coins come in pure 24ct gold and you can obtain sovereigns at 22ct gold.

Buying gold coins for investment that are capital gains tax-free coins

If you are looking for investment purposes then Gold Britannia’s, gold sovereigns, gold Queens Beasts, and silver coins that have British legal tender are exempt from Capital Gains Tax (CGT), making them an attractive option for investors. An investment in gold coins is a great way to build wealth for your future. Explore the range of gold bullion coins available from us by the Royal Mint and discover how to buy gold and our gold buying service.

Interested in knowing what the is the difference between proof gold sovereigns and BU? Read our blog which explains more about the Bullion Gold Sovereign vs Proof vs Brilliant Uncirculated.

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