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Gold Half Sovereign

What are half gold sovereigns?

The Half Sovereign gold coin was introduced in the United Kingdom in 1817 by King George III. Half Sovereign weighs 3.99 grams and contains 0.1177 troy ounces of 22 carat gold, meaning 91.76% pure or 21.6 millesimal fineness; it has a diameter of 19.30 millimetres and a thickness of approximately 1mm; the diameter is substantially smaller than that of a sovereign, making it easier for storage.

How much is a gold Sovereign worth today in the UK?

Full Gold sovereigns, which weigh 7.98 grams, or .0.2565 of a troy ounce, are valued based on the gold content, as calculated by its fine gold content (22ct) multiplied by the spot price of an ounce of gold. Often prices are shown for half sovereigns which, weigh 3.99 grams and can be easily divided into two equal parts, so these can be bought and sold at approximately half the price of a single gold sovereign coin.

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Do I need to pay Capital Gains Tax or Vat when buying gold sovereigns?

If you’re looking to invest in physical gold, half sovereign gold coins in the UK are a good option since they allow investors to keep their gold holdings in smaller amounts while still having plenty of choices when it comes to resale. Gold sovs are not subject to Capital Gains Tax, implying that you will not be taxed when it is time to sell them – Check out our blog for more information about whether gold is exempt from inheritance tax. In addition, our range of Half Sovereigns is not subject to UK Value Added Tax (VAT) either, meaning that you can make a substantial saving compared to investing in gold bullion bars. Other gold coins in the UK are exempt, including full gold sovereignsGold Britannia coins, and Queens Beast Series gold coins.

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