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2 oz Silver Coins

2 oz Silver Coins are very unique bullion coins in the market, as the majority of the Silver Bullion coins are made in 1 troy ounce weight however due to the popularity of silver bullion among investors and collectors the Mints around the globe have been manufactured 2 oz silver bullion coins. The 2 troy ounce bullion coin weighs a minimum of 62.20 grams of pure silver. One of the most popular 2-ounce coin series in the world is The British Silver Queen’s Beast Coin series they are fashioned in 2 oz .9999 fine Silver. The first release in the Queens Beasts series was 2016 Queen’s Beasts The Lion of England silver coin. The Perth Mint also has Lunar series which is minted in 2 ounces of silver along with special 2020 releases from the Canadian Royal Mint – Silver Mounted Police Coin and Canadian Goose Silver Coin.

Diversify your investment portfolio with our range of silver bullion coins by buying different weights. Silver bullion coins come in a range of sizes, 1/4oz, 1/2oz, 1oz, 2 oz silver bullion, and 10oz silver.  Silver is seen as a low-risk investment compared to gold, however, the return on silver can provide an opportunity for a higher return depending on the fluctuations in the price of silver on the market.

The 2 ounce silver coins minted by the National Mints also have monetary value as they are legal tender, for example, the 2 ounce British coin bears a value of £5 British pounds and the Canadian and Australian 2 oz silver coins are marked as $10 Dollar respectively. However, the silver value of the coin is much higher than the monetary minted on them.

Silver is versatile, so if you are a collector or stacker then investing in 2 ounces will diversify your portfolio. Amongst the silver bullion coins, there are silver rounds as well which are popular too. Scottsdale 2oz Silver Round Stacker is a popular 2 ounce that is collected by stackers due to its raised design which features Lion with a crown.

We post all individual 2 oz silver bullion coins in an individual acrylic coin capsule, multiples of 2 oz available in batches of 10 coins that come mint tubes and 200 coins come in a Monster Box.

All UK silver bullion coins sold by Bullionjoy are exempt from Capital Gains Tax for UK residents as they have legal tender status.

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