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Australian 1 oz Silver Coins

Australia is a homely place to a few incredibly one-of-a-kind animals. Greater than 80 per cent of its plants, frogs, animals, and also reptiles are endemic to Australia as well as can not be located anywhere else in the world.

The country is likewise home to several of the most dangerous animals in the world. Package Jellyfish is thought about as one of the most venomous marine creatures on the planet earth as well as has eliminated even more individuals in Australia than the stonefish, sharks, as well as crocodiles integrated.

Perth Mint has included an illustration of these unique animals on their silver coins and gold coins.

Perth Mint has several series which included Perth Mint Koala Series, Perth Mint Lunar Series and its 1oz silver bullion coin Kookaburra.

The Perth Mint is nothing if not creative, and the Australian mint isn’t afraid to go where no other silver bullion coin has gone before. In 2013, it produced some of the first Dragon rectangular bullion coins in the world, although they were sold as four-coin collections alongside the Lunar Series II designs.

Silver coins in the UK are very popular amongst investors and collectors worldwide especially 1oz and 2oz from the UK as they are CGT free.

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