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Silver Krugerrand

Krugerrand Silver Coin

The Silver Krugerrand is struck from .999 1oz pure silver, making this coin a great way to invest in precious metal bullion without impacting your budget. It is a legal tender coin backed by the South African government and carries the same design as its gold counterpart. The obverse of the coin features Paul Kruger, the country’s first president, while the reverse shows the springbok, the national animal of South Africa.

2021 1oz South African Krugerrand Silver Coin

What is a krugerrand?

An easily recognizable international symbol of South Africa and a status symbol within the investment community, the Krugerrand was introduced to the global market on 3 July 1967. With a fine gold content of 916.7 , weighing one troy oz (33.9g), the Krugerrand is the world’s first modern bullion coin.

The Krugerrand gold and silver coins are bullion coins made by the Rand Refinery in South Africa, learn more about South African Krugerrand history. 

A krugerrand is a legal tender South African coin. It was originally minted to help market South African gold and has since become a symbol of international wealth and investment portfolio diversification.

What is 1oz silver proof Krugerrand?

There are three basic types of coins available from the mint: bullion, uncirculated, and proof. All are quality coinage, but proof coins stand out in terms of appearance. While all three types are struck multiple times to ensure that they appear in top condition, proof coins undergo a final polishing process to create a brilliant mirror finish on both sides. Proof coins come with a certificate of authenticity and are encased in a protective capsule.

Silver Proofs have a greater mark-up than gold Proofs. The price premium over the same regular issue coin is also smaller with gold. Collectors will pay more for silver Proof coins than for gold Proof coins, and they will also pay more over the face value of the coin vs collectable uncirculated editions.

The value of a Proof coin is determined by a number of variables, including the type of coin, the country the coin originates from, the year it was issued, its condition, and its mintage. The value of some Proof coins may fall below that of an uncirculated coin, particularly if they are not in the best condition. Some proof sets may contain special editions (produced only for collectors) with certain dates or designs that are more valuable than others.

Why invest in silver Krugerrand, a good investment?

Celebrating 50 years since the Gold Krugerrand was first minted in 1967, this 1oz silver coin takes the design of South Africa’s most popular bullion coin and brings it to a new design. The Silver Krugerrand features the same familiar design showing the South African president Paul Kruger on one side and the springbok antelope on the reverse.

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