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Chinese Silver Pandas

Chinese Panda 1oz Silver Coins are a simple and elegant way to diversify your portfolio or physical precious metal portfolio. The Chinese Silver Panda coin series is a highly popular collection among investors and collectors alike. With the rising popularity of the Chinese culture, these coins have reached great heights in terms of demand, value and collectability.

Silver bullion coins are a great item to collect not only because they are highly valuable and rare, but also because it is a way to diversify your collection. The Chinese Silver Panda coins offer the collector and the investor an opportunity to buy something truly different and rare, as well as containing a big supply of silver bullion.

One hundred years of history has led to the release of the most beautiful silver bullion panda coin series from China. Each year new design tells a story of China’s progress and heritage, with rotating designs that bring the story to life. There is something to be admired every year in this exciting silver coin collection. These Chinese coins will certainly become a valued addition to any collector’s set.

A panda bear has graced the reverse of Chinese Silver Panda coins since its debut in 1982. Chinese people are very fond of pandas. In China, people say that eating bamboo is a symbol of abundance and good fortune. The Chinese Silver Panda series depicts the friendly giant panda, an animal indigenous to central China.

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