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Disney Silver Coins

This silver coin collection features Disney silver coins minted in .999 pure silver to celebrate Disney’s enduring popularity and iconic imagery. These coins make great gifts for the collector, Disney aficionados, or just anyone looking for a unique item that will appreciate in value over time.

Disney Icons: Mickey Mouse and Friends showcase on 1oz .999 fine silver. Disney fans and collectors alike will love this dazzling collection of Disney silver bullion coins. These limited-edition coins are legal tender in Niue.

The 1 oz silver coins have a mintage of 10,000, while the gold coins have mintages of 500 coins (1 oz), 1,000 coins (1/4 oz), and 5,000 coins (1/2 Gram). Buying silver coins is seen as a great investment for the long term since the value of silver tends to be stable. Silver coins are also easy to liquidate and trade in times of economic uncertainty.

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