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Germania Silver Coins

All Germania Silver Coins series provide unique designs that captivate collectors, whether those designs concentrate on historical coinage or simply special designs selected by the mint. Many of these beautiful historical designs are available in limited mintages, further increasing interest and demand.

Silver coins collections include .999 pure silver metal, providing worth to investors and collectors. With coins like 2021 1oz Chestnut Leaf Silver Coin – Mythical Forest, 2020 1oz Lady Germania 5 Mark Silver Coin and 1oz Fafnir Germania Beast being one of the best selling silver coins from the Gemina Mint.

The coins are all products in one ounce of silver. The minting technology used for the series is considered as the most advanced in the industry, with infinite designs being possible thanks to modern minting techniques. The Germania series includes the Silver 1 oz Rounds, Silver Bars, Gold 1/10 oz rounds and gold bars. The coins are available in affordable silver rounds or bars. There is also a capital investment opportunity for investors looking to acquire high-quality gold at very reasonable prices.

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