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Silver Queen's Beast Coins

History of The Queen’s Beasts

The Queen’s Beasts Silver Coins are 10 legal tender silver coins in the UK, each featuring a mythical creature. The ten beasts are representative of the heraldic crown of the Queen. They are depicted in different positions on each coin to represent the various crowns in Her Majesty’s Royal Collection.

The series comes in ten-ounce and 2 ounces .9999 fine silver.

Today, The Queen’s Beasts can are located at the Canadian Museum of History in Quebec. Whilst the replicas of the Queen’s beasts’ sculptors stand in Kew gardens. The creatures were displayed on the day of The Queen’s coronation in 1953.

The mythical creatures which form the heraldry are Lions, Griffin, Falcon, Bull, Yale, Greyhound, Dragon, Unicorn, and Horse.

Royal Mint took a challenge to create the 10 heraldic statues in 2oz and 10oz pure silver coins, calling the series ‘The Queen’s Beasts Silver Coin Collection’. The Royal Mint used the skills of Jody Clark, whose official portrait of The Queen features on the obverse of every coin issued by The Royal Mint. The first release of the 2oz Queen beast silver coin series was ‘The lion of England’. 2016 The Lion of England round bullion had a Majestic crowned ‘roaring’ Lion holding a shield heraldic rose at its centre.

What are the 10 Queens beasts coins?

Mintage Of 2oz & 10oz Queen’s Beasts Silver Coins

The physical Queen’s Beasts Bullion Series of second edition silver coins were first released in 2016 – 2017 and continue to be issued year on year. The Queen’s Beasts bullion coin series consists of 10 different design types and has already included the Lion of England, Griffin of Edward III, Black Bull of Clarence, White Lion Mortimer, White Horse of Hanover, Falcon Coronet, Red Dragon of Wales, Unicorn of Scotland. So there’s a perfect place for this highly collectable bullion coin for any precious metals portfolio.

Queen’s Beasts Gold Coins

The Queen’s Beasts Collection is not limited to silver but also includes a beautiful range of 1 oz gold and 1/4 oz of 24ct pure gold fineness of 999.9, giving you a choice of desirable, collectable range. These silver british coins have a face value in pounds of 100 and 25, respectively. However, their intrinsic value is based on the gold content of the coin, coupled with the collectability of that particular design.

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