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5 Kilo Umicore Silver Bar


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Buy brand new 5 Kilo Silver bar manufactured by LBMA approved refiner Umicore. The ultra-heavy 5000 grams cast silver bar is available to order online 24/7 from Bullionjoy at very low prices over the spot.

This large 5 kg silver bar is for serious silver investors looking to purchase silver at a very low premium over the global silver spot price. You can check current silver spot prices through our price charts.

Each of the 5 kg silver bar is stamped for authenticity from the LBMA approved manufacturer Umicore. The Umicore silver cast bars provide a solid way to invest in pure and physical 999 silver.

Each 5kg fine silver bar weighs a minimum of 5000 grams of pure 999 silver, which in troy ounces terms is 160.77 ounces. The weight and fineness of the 5kg bars is guaranteed by Umicore as they are LBMA ‘Good Delivery’ status bars. Umicore has an undisputed reputation for creating world-class bullion items since 1805.

The 5 Kilos silver bars are 165mm x 72mm from the top and 149mm x 55mm from the bottom and 51mm in thickness, making them a super solid silver bullion bar to invest in.

The 5Kg Fine Silver Bars provide a sizeable opportunity to invest in physical silver and ideal for any serious silver investor.

All our silver bar prices are inclusive of VAT and come with Free delivery in the UK. You can order your 5000 gr silver bar securely online today for quick delivery. Your heavy silver bar will be sent in an unbranded and unmarked outer-packaging straight to your door with fully insured delivery.

Why Umicore Silver Cast Bars the most cost-efficient?

Umicore has been recycling and recovering precious metals from different waste materials for many years and has one of the world’s largest precious metals recycling facilities in Hoboken, Belgium. Umicore are an accredited LBMA Good Delivery Bar refiner and produces silver bars in the purest forms.

Cast bars are manufactured via a method of heating, pouring, and moulding. Pure fine 999 silver is heated to its liquid form and poured into a mould. Due to fewer fabrication costs involved in the cast bars process compared to the minted bars, cast bars often offer a better value for money.

We also sell a range of smaller Silver Bars as well. Order yours today securely with trusted bullion dealer Bullionjoy.


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