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2021 Gold Sovereign Coin


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Shop the 2021 Gold Sovereign minted by the UK Royal Mint from Bullionjoy.

The Gold Bullion Sovereign 2021, for another year, features a portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the St. George & Dragon design.

The depiction of Her Majesty on the obverse of  2021 Full Gold Sovereign is the fifth portrait sculpted by Jody Clark to commemorate the Queen’s 50th anniversary on the throne. Jody Clark is credited to be the youngest (at the time 33) sculptor at Royal Mint to design a coinage portrayal of a Monarch. The Queen’s 5th portrait beautifully shows the Royal Diamond Crown which was worn by Her Majesty on her coronation. The design has been a permanent feature on Gold Sovereigns since 2015.

The reverse of the 2021 Gold Sovereign features the original 1816 design of St George on a horseback slaying the Dragon with a broken spear in his hand. The remaining spear which broke in a previous attack is also shown on the floor on the left-hand side.

The Sovereign Gold coin was first introduced in 1489 after King Henry VII commanded the creation of new money made only from gold, to represent his vast fortunes, power of his kingdom, and wealth. All the royals after King Henry VII followed suit until 1816, when James I brought the now-classic design featuring Benedetto Pistrucci’s masterful St George and the Dragon design. UK Gold Sovereigns have been struck at Royal Mint London and its branches in overseas territories. Some of the overseas mints where British Sovereigns were struck are mints based in Pretoria South Africa, Melbourne Mint Australia, Sydney Mint Australia, Perth Mint Australia, and Ottawa Refinery Canada

The British Gold Sovereign coins remain one of the most popular and sought after coins in the world.

The 2021 Gold Sovereign weighs 7.98 grams (0.2565 troy ounces) in 22-carat gold which is equivalent to 7.315 grams (0.235 troy ounces) of pure 24 carat gold. The gold coins are 22.05mm in diameter and 1.52mm in thickness. The small size of Gold Sovereign provides a convenient way for investors to add CGT Free Gold to their portfolio.

When you buy Gold Sovereigns you are investing in physical gold bullion and you holding a real asset. Invest in British gold coins such as the Gold Britannia Coin and Gold Sovereign to diversify your investment portfolio.

Order your 2021 Gold Sovereign with us today for Free fully insured delivery and pay a low premium over gold spot price. You can also track Live Gold Prices via our price charts.

Coin Highlights

Obverse: Fifth portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.
Reverse: The classic George and the Dragon design by Benedetto Pistrucci



Pure gold content (grams)

Diameter, mm




Sovereign Gold, Full Sovereign Gold

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