2020 1 oz Terra Earth Silver Bullion Coin


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2020 1 oz Terra Earth Silver Bullion Coin

Terra is the Latin word for Earth, our home. The series symbolizes the importance of strengthening our relationship with planet Earth and making it a place for future generations to thrive in.

The low mintage coin is introduced in the Latin phrase, “SERVA ME, SERVABO TE” (Protect me, I will protect you). The Earth provides every resource needed for life, but our actions have left a mark on it and it is important that we use these resources responsibly, no matter which side of the planet we live on.

The coin has a limited mintage of only 20,000 coins worldwide and is minted from pure .999 fine silver and comes in a premium protective capsule and struck by the Pressburg Mint, Slovakia.

The Pressburg Mint, also named Bratislavska Mincovna is based in Bratislava, Slovakia and revives the traditional history of the old mint of the country.

Coin Highlights

Obverse: In its design, the obverse of the coin integrates a small effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II produced by Iran Rank-Broadly. Featured in the center inset is a section of the world globe that includes a silhouetted map of Asia, Australia, and Oceania. A star marks the location of Tokelau. A stylized flower is also included on the globe. Stylized compass numbers and markings encircle the rim. The exact GPS coordinates of Tokelau are noted at the top.

Reverse: The reverse also depicts the world globe, but includes a silhouetted map of Europe, the Americas, and Africa. Inscriptions include 1 oz Fine Silver Terra 2020 and SERVA ME, SERVABO TE (latin Protect me, I will protect you). Also displayed are the exact GPS coordinates of Bratislava, home of the Pressburg Mint, the issuing mint of the coin. A very fine design of a compass graces the bottom of the globe. As with the obverse, stylized compass numbers and markings encircle the rim.

Add the first release of the Pressburg Mint’s ‘Terra’ series to your collection today.




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