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1oz James Bond No Time to Die Silver Bar


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Buy the brand new and exclusive 1oz James Bond Silver Bar online from established bullion dealer Bullionjoy. The one ounce pure silver bar is minted by the UK  Royal Mint to coincide with the release of latest James Bond film ‘No Time to Die’.

The James Bond film franchise is one of the most popular and profitable film franchises in the world. The James Bond character originated in a novel in 1952 by British Author Ian Fleming. The 2020 James Bond Movie release is the 25th film in the movie series, although the release has been postponed to 2021.

The James Bond 007 character established its legacy through 12 novels, 25 movies, and 2 feature films. The first James Bond movie debuted in 1967 with Casino Royale with David Niven as James Bond. Since its inception, the undercover spy is adored and loved by many.

The design feature of the 1 oz James Bond  Silver Bars

The obverse of 1 oz James Bond No Time To Die Silver Bars, designed by designer Daniel Thorne, features the UK Royal Mint and 007 motifs.  The 007 design is well known all over the world, easily recognisable, and linked to the best undercover spy James Bond. On the silver bar, the 7 of the 007 James Bond sign is used as the handle and grip for a pistol. The bar’s weight and fineness are also engraved.

On the reverse side of the exclusive British Silver Bar is an image reading ‘NO TIME TO DIE’ and the background letterings include names of other unforgettable films from the James Bond franchise. As with the James Bond character itself, the timeless classic, the minted silver bars do have a year of mintage on them.

Each of the James Bond 1oz Silver bar contains 31.10 grams (1 troy ounce) of pure 999.9 fine silver and is an authentic product of The Royal Mint and produced under license from the holder of the James Bond trademark. The 1 ounce British James Bond No Time to Die Silver Bar comes sealed in a plastic sleeve from the Royal Mint, UK.

Whether you are a silver collector, stacker, or investor, this silver bar is a must-buy for you as they come with a limited mintage of only 70,000 worldwide.

You can purchase the exclusive James Bond silver bar 24/7 on our secure website at competitive prices with free fully insured delivery. The James Bond silver bars have also been minted in the 10oz Silver and 1oz James Bond Gold Bar version however the 1oz James Bond Silver Bar provides a much affordable way to own these special edition fine silver bars.

If you have any questions about purchasing this silver bar or you would like to place a bulk order then please Contact Us and we will happy to help.



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