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2020 1oz Fafnir Geminus Germania Beasts Silver Coin


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2020 1oz Fafnir Geminus Germania Beasts Silver Coin

Legends are so important part of every culture. Societies worldwide have actually written and spoken about a variety of legendary stories which the one who is reading. Over centuries and decades, tales have been passed from generation to generation to keep it part of history.  There are many legendary stories such as from the wars, tragic romance, and mythical monsters. Germania has lots of tales from the Ancient Germania culture, there are stories of oldest and most terrifying creatures in Medieval Northern and Western Europe. Many of the beasts from the Germanic bestiary were dangerous and hazardous, however, some considered them helpful and protecting allies. Are dragons, giants, fairies, giants, monsters, and other creatures simply a Fairy-tales?

Fafnir Geminus Germania Beasts Silver Coin

Fafnir was wise and powerful and it’s the ancestor of today’s dragon image. Fafnir silver coin uncommon with very unique with its design. If two silver coins are placed one above it creates an integral picture. The body of the Fafnir dragon also creates number 8, which is considered to be very lucky in many countries.

Germina Mint has released limited number of these silver coins worldwide – the Germania series is the symbol of a two-headed eagle. On Fafnir’s coins eagle is located on the reverse, encircled by the dragon’s tail.

Obverse: The latest release from Germania Mint Fafnir features the figure of mystical Fafnir Beast.

Reverse: Reverse of 2020 1oz Fafnir Geminus Germania Beasts Silver Coin features Fafnir’s tail & Two-Headed Eagle

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Even better why not add 2x 1oz Fafnir to your basket along with a double coin capsule to your basket to create a unique coin. Once two silver billions are placed in the capsule it will create an infinity symbol, and you can see the picture of a full dragon.



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