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2021 1oz Silver Britannia Coin


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The 1oz Silver Britannia 2021 is here with a fantastic new design from The Royal Mint, UK.

Silver Britannia is a well-recognised silver coin throughout the world and this year the British Royal Mint has changed the design and added four new security features to further deter counterfeiting.

Release of the New 2021 Britannia Coin

In October 2020 the mint unveiled the newest update of the beloved Britannia coin. Philip Nathan’s design of the Britannia still forms the central part of this very desirable coin together with additional elements to enhance the coin’s value and security.

The first enhancement to the reverse side of the coin is the updated background wave design which appears when light is reflected at a certain angle on the coin. The second addition to the Britannia Silver Coin is the inclusion of smooth tincture lines on Britannia’s shield which now bears the Union Flag. The third and one of the most important element is a holographic image of a padlock in the bottom left, when the coin is tilted this changes between a trident and a padlock. Last but not the least, micro-text in Latin phrase ‘DECUS ET TUTAMEN’ meaning ‘An Ornament and a Safeguard’ is etched along the inner rim of the coin.

The obverse of the 2021 Britannia Silver 1oz coin features the bust of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and inscriptions include “Elizabeth II”, D.G. REG F.D” meaning Queen by the Grace of God and also shows the currency value of 2 Pounds however the actual silver value of the coin is much higher than this denomination.

All the above changes to the Britannia 2021 silver coin have further enhanced the coin’s appeal and its look and we are certain this will be a very popular coin with collectors, stackers, and investors alike.

Britannia has historic origins in Roman mythology, deep cultural ties in British culture, and a widely known personification of the United Kingdom. These reasons were strong enough for the Royal Mint to use Britannia as a central icon to one of their most popular coin. Britannia Silver coin was first launched in 1997 and for a number of years, the coin’s design was changed annually. The most recent design which features a windswept Britannia holding a trident has been featuring on Britannia Silver Coin since 2012 and only a few changes were made to the year 2020. The Silver 2021 Britannia Coin design changes are significant and marks a welcome alternation, something that all collectors have been eagerly waiting for. The pure 999 silver coin continues to be one of the most popular silver coin series from the UK Royal Mint.

The Royal Mint has been innovating and creating coins for more than 1,100 years and Britannia, the symbol of Britain, once again leads the way to redefine the security of the bullion coins.

The one ounce pure fine 999 silver coin is offered in Bullion (Brilliant Uncirculated) condition and comes packed in individual rimless coin capsules so you can enjoy your silver coins without damaging or scratching.

The new 2021 silver coin also benefits from Capital Gains Tax-Free (CGT Free Coin) Status as it a legal tender here in the UK.

What are the changes to the best selling coin in the world Britannia Silver 2021? 

  • Four advanced feature changes enhance the visual and security of the Britannia Silver 2021 Coin to the next level.
  • A hidden image changes from Britannia’s famous trident to a padlock and vice a versa.
  • Surface dynamism brings the background of sparkling waves to life.
  • Britannia’s shield bears the Union Flag highlighted smooth lines.
  • Micro-text providing both decoration and protection – DECUS ET TUTAMEN’ meaning ‘An Ornament and a Safeguard’ is etched along the inner rim of the coin.

Features on the Britannia 2021 bullion

Obverse: Features Jody Clark’s bust of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and inscriptions include “Elizabeth II” and currency value.

Reverse: Features the recognisable image of Britannia holding a trident, alongside Four new enhanced features for 2021. The weight and purity of 999 Fine Silver are also highlighted.

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United Kingdom


The Royal Mint (UK)

Weight (grams)


Diameter, mm


Thickness, mm



British Pounds

Currency value

2 Pounds



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