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2021 1oz The Queen’s Virtues Victory Silver Coin


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The 2021 St Helena The Queen’s Virtues Victory 1oz Silver Coin is launched as part of a new series of six coins celebrating Her Majesty the Queen. The first release for ‘The victory’ is a 1oz silver coin inspired by an illustration depicting the Winged Angel of Victory holding a victor’s palm. Alongside her is an inscription that reads “Victory through harmony”.

The obverse of the new one-ounce silver coin features the portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The year of the coin 2021, weight one ounce, purity 999 silver, and denomination as £1 is also shown. The coin holds the legal tender status of Saint Helena. Saint Helena is a British Overseas Territory located in the South Atlantic Ocean and United Kingdom’s second-oldest overseas territory after Bermuda.

Why St Helena The Queen’s Virtues Series is made?

Queen Victoria established the Queen’s six virtues in 1886, which were followed by Queen Elizabeth II. The core virtues are Victory, Truth, Justice, Charity, Courage, and Constancy. These virtues were first put on display at the Victoria Memorial in London outside Buckingham Palace.

One troy ounce weight, which is approximately 31.1035 grams, is the most popular and traded coin weight for silver coins in the world as they are relatively easy to purchase, store and resell.

In this new series of coins, Victory is one of the most prominent virtues a Monarch can hold. In Queen Victoria’s and Queen Elizabeth II’s reigns, Victory has been an essential element in both their reigns: with Victory signaling the end of the conflict. The Sovereign is the one who can declare war. She also can stop a war, which is important.

You can purchase your 2021 Queen’s Virtues Silver Coin securely from with Mix and Match discount. You can also easily check the price of silver via our interactive charts and explore our extensive range of silver coins from around the world.

Each of the 2021 Queen’s Virtues Victory 1oz Silver Bullion Coin comes in a clear rimless protective 39mm coin capsule and your coins will be shipped to you in discreet packaging via fully insured delivery. Multiples of 20 are also available in an original mint tube.

Order your 2021 1 oz Queen’s Virtues Victory today and start a collection of your new coin series.

Coin Highlights

Obverse: Features rendering of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II alongside coin weight, purity, and denomination.

Reverse: Features the Winged Angel of Victory, holding a Victors Palm in her hand around the words ‘Victory Through Harmony’.



Weight (grams)

Diameter, mm


1oz Silver

Thickness, mm




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