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2020 1oz Lady Germania 5 Mark Silver Coin


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2020 1oz Lady Germania 5 Mark Silver Coin

Building upon a year of releasing a few of the remarkably extraordinary as well as integrated designs. Germania Mint announces the second edition of their Germania bullion series. Announcing 2020 1oz Lady Germania 5 Mark Silver Coin.

The 2020 Germania bullion design was selected by collectors- online voting.

Germania – brave woman – the guardian of the state.

As the Germania Mint notes: “Due to the connection with patriotic feelings, this word was present mainly in German literature and poetry. In ancient times the area inhabited by Germans east of the Rhine and north of the Danube rivers was called Germania. At that time its first personifications on coins and reliefs appeared, depicting a brave woman ‑ the guardian of the nation.

Highlights of the Lady Germania 5 Mark 2020 Silver Coin

Obverse: features Germania, personified in the classic form of a fearless, beautiful woman. She is portrayed strongly in a standing position, honoured, and sensible. Her pose is really spectacular! A laurel wreath sits upon her head, symbolic both of heroism and victory. A bicephalous eagle is depicted jumping down to perch upon leather harness on her extended left arm, while her full cape is gushing behind her in the breeze. The entire exhibition certainly striking!

Reverse: Features a two-headed eagle holds lightning bolts in its talons. Its wings are spread its side, and also it is flanked by branches. Inscriptions on this coin states nominal value, “5 MARK,” and “GERMANIA.” The mark was the German currency prior to the introduction of the Euro.

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Diameter, mm

Thickness, mm



1oz Silver



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