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2021 1oz Chestnut Leaf Silver Coin – Mythical Forest


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2021 1oz Chestnut Leaf Silver Coin from Germina Mint celebrates this sturdy design by imprinting a brilliant image of leaves and fruit of the chestnut tree on 99.9% pure silver. This release is limited to 25,000 silver coins worldwide.


Chestnut trees are popular in Europe. They were planted by Roman armies. People say that the tree has a lot of myths and magic stories about it. People used to use almost every part of the tree for something important. Chestnut wood is known for being lucky. Druids used it to create good luck charms because the physical connection allowed the user to get stronger and live longer. Chestnut trees are beautiful and powerful. Sitting next to them releases anxiety.

Germania Mint hopes to bring good luck and happiness to its owners with the design of chestnut leaf and its fruits on their gold and silver coins.

Reverse: The two-headed eagle is a symbol that appears throughout Roman mythology and can be traced back to Janus, the god of all origins- and gatekeepers. The head turned in opposite directions represents past and future while lightning held by its claws of the eagle is an example of divine power for strength and creation as well as destruction.

The 1oz Chestnut Leaf Silver Coin comes individually encased in a plastic capsule and authentication certificate.

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Diameter, mm

Thickness, mm



1oz Silver



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