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2020 1oz Somalian Elephant Silver Coin


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2020 1oz Somalia Elephant Silver Coin is here with a beautiful new reverse design. We believe it to be as just as popular as previous releases in the Wildlife series.

Somalian Elephant silver coins are loved by investors and collectors all over the world due to their annually changing design, silver content and their appearance. 2020 1oz Somalia Elephant Silver Coin is inspired by the African Wildlife, these coins are issued by the Bavarian State Mint in Munich, Germany.

The new series of the Somalia Silver Elephant shows 2 African elephants on the savannah with the famous Mount Kilimanjaro. The iconic Mount Kilimanjaro rising toward the horizon in the background behind-the-scenes. The 2020 Somalia Silver Elephant series consists a range of various weights, 1oz silver coins along with 2oz, 5oz 10oz, as well as 1-kilo silver coins.

The African elephant is the biggest earthbound land animal worldwide at present. The bush elephant animals are without a doubt shown within the outlines of the Somalia Silver Elephant Series, which is the biggest land animal on the planet and also larger than its relative the rainforest elephant. The wild animals develop to remarkable shapes provided they remain on a dietary of greens being herbivores.

Coin Highlights 

Obverse: Somalian coat of arms, two leopards poised in spears adorned with palm fronds and ribbon supporting a shield with a star.
Reverse: The reverse features two adult elephants with large tusks facing each other with Mount Kilimanjaro in the background.



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