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2022 1oz Krugerrand Silver Coin


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Buy the 2022 1oz Krugerrand Silver Coin from trusted bullion dealer Bullionjoy. The 1 ounce 2022 Krugerrand Silver Coin is a firm favourite amongst both coin collectors and investors.

The Krugerrand silver bullion coin is struck in pure 999 silver and entail a beautiful design.

The obverse of the 2022 1oz silver Krugerrand coin features a portrait of Paul Kruger, the country’s very first president.

The reverse of the 1oz Krugerrand silver coin design has a perfect illustration of Springbok antelope or “bookie, a national animal of South Africa. The South African Krugerrand 1oz Silver Coin is minted by Rand Refinery South Africa. The 2022 1oz African Krugerrand silver coin features the same iconic design as previous years.

The 2022 Krugerrand Silver coins can be ordered individually and they come are supplied in a premium rimless capsule. Multiples of 25 coins are supplied in the original Mint Tube which has a temper-evident seal. The bulk packaging of Silver Krugerrand 2022 is a Monster box containing 500 coins, which is 20 tubes containing 25 coins each.

Krugerrand coins have a very rich history. Holding the title of the ‘World’s First Gold Bullion Coin’, the South African Krugerrand, was designed for investment and collection. The series began in 1967 with just gold coins and the goal of promoting South African gold to the rest of the globe. In 2017, the first silver coin in the series was introduced.

Krugerrand coins once dominated the precious metals market. The South African Krugerrands 1 oz gold coin was 90% of all gold bullion coins on the market in the early decades of gold bullion minting for commercial scale. The introduction of other gold bullion coin programs in the 1980s made it hard for Krugerrands to be dominant.

The South African Silver Krugerrand Series, on the other hand, is a more recent creation. Today, it remains one of the most reputable and popular coins with investors. In 2017, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the gold series, the South African Mint released its first-ever Silver Krugerrand. The decision was so successful that they mint released a second version in 2018 and all the following years since then.

Coin Highlights

Obverse: Features a left-facing portrait of Paul Kruger.

Reverse: The reverse entails a springbok, the national animal of South Africa, captured mid-spring by artist Coert Steynberg.



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1oz Silver



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