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What is a Proof Coin?

The silver proof coins are designed for collectors, and include a certificate of authenticity. The image depicts the coin’s minting date and denomination. A proof coin is the highest quality of coin a mint produces. These coins are attributed a much higher value than the metal itself.

Proof coins are struck on specially prepared planchets and then polished to a mirror finish. They are carefully handled and packaged to ensure the highest quality.

The silver coins are again carefully checked to make sure they meet the high standards of proof quality, then sealed in a holder to protect the finish. An example of a proof coin is the United States Presidential Dollar Proof Coin series, which has been issued every year since 2007.

Produced with quality and pride, the Australian Perth Mint presents the Australian Kookaburra Silver Proof Coin. First issued in 1990, this coin has become one of the most popular collectibles released by the Perth Mint. The 2015 release marks the 25th anniversary of this beloved silver coin. The design features a Kookaburra perched on a tree branch, while surrounded by native Australian flora and fauna.

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