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How to tell if Gold is real in 6 ways

How to tell if Gold is real

For centuries, gold has been valued as a noble metal. But because gold is valuable for so long there have always been people who look to take advantage of it and counterfeit the precious metal. To ensure you invest in authentic gold we recommend buying from Bullionjoy. We only sell gold bullion bars that are manufactured by LBMA-approved refiners along our gold coins are thoroughly checked by our team for authenticity. weight, metal to ensure you receive quality gold.

We can tell if gold is real by using various methods, including touch, visual inspection, and chemical tests. The following are six simple ways to determine if your gold is real or fake.

Gold testing by weight and size

The simple test of weight and size is mainly used for bullion coins in comparison to bullion bars. By simply checking your bullion coin’s weight, diameter, and thickness you identify if it’s real or fake, as they are made with very precise specifications. Gold has a higher density than other metals which is why we use weight and size to tell the difference between real gold or not because we know that fake metal would be lighter than gold.

Gold coins are hard to copy. In order for the fake one ounce Britannia gold coin to be the same gold content weight as a real gold coin, it would need to be wider or thicker. If the fake gold Britannia had the same thickness and diameter it would not weigh as the original coin because the weight of the other metal used will not match that of gold due to the difference in density of the metals.

Testing Gold At Home

Magnet testing for real gold

Try this at home with a strong magnet, If the magnet is being drawn downward, then the item is impure. However, it is important to know that gold is not the only metal that is non-magnetic and thus a fake bar or coin could easily pass this test. We recommend other tests outlined in the article to determine whether your bar or coin is genuine.

The Sound Test to Know If Gold is Real?

The “ping” test is an effective way to tell if a coin is made from real or fake gold- and can be easily done at home. The sound the metal makes when it’s struck is indicative of its quality and authenticity. Hit your gold gently to any metal and notice the sound. The high-pitched ringing sound means it is real. If the Gold is not a real one, it will sound different. It will sound hollow and less dense than any other metal. But if it is real gold, it will produce more of a full sound and be more solid-sounding than any other metal.

The ceramic test for real gold

The ceramic test is another way to test your gold is real precious metal at home. Set an unglazed ceramic plate firmly on the table or countertop and place your item in hand against it, then push down so that there is some pressure being applied to the metal surface as you drag it along. If any black streak appears from dragging then the gold is fake however if a gold mark appears then your gold is real.

How to tell if gold is real with Nitric Acid Test

This is the most accurate way to test for gold, but it was probably not used regularly. This test is not easy. It can be dangerous to your metal unless it’s pure gold. Gold resists oxidation and corrosion, so gold will not be affected by acid. There are different strengths of acid available to test different carts of gold, for example, if an 18ct gold drop of nitric acid is applied to the 24ct real bullion bar metal if it bubbles or boils, that means the metal has impurities in it and is less than 24 carats as suggested and maybe you likely dealing with another metal or even a gold-plated. Impure gold will bubble, purer gold won’t react with the nitric acid that means the gold is at the carts suggested or has a higher level of purities. White residue on nitric acid is also an indicator of impurity.

Jewellers Stone is a common gold testing

Use a jeweller stone to test if your jewelry or gold bar is pure. Hold the gold piece in your hand and rub it across the stone. If there is a solid line that is golden, then the piece of gold jewellery/ bar is pure. If there isn’t a line, then it might be plated or not even a real piece of gold at all. But you must use the right type of black Jewellers stone or else it won’t work.

Gold has been valued for centuries and it’s not surprising that there are so many ways to test whether your gold is real or fake. The best way to get started determining the authenticity of a piece of jewelry, bar, or coin is by considering how much weight it should have relative to its size. Gold coins have many tests you can do at home such as magnet testing (if they attract metal), sound testing (hit them with another metal) ceramic test- drag across an unglazed – Nitric Acid test, and Jewellers stone.

When buying such a high-value piece, it’s best to buy from an authorised dealer like us Bullionjoy. We work with authentic suppliers and use the latest technology to ensure you have the right bar or coin delivered, whether it be gold or silver.

How To Tell If Gold Is Real


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