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One Ounce Gold Coins

  • 2020 1 oz Britannia Pure 999.9 Gold Coin
  • 2021 1oz Gold Britannia Coin

One Ounce Gold Coin

At Bullionjoy, we offer an extensive selection of 1 oz gold coins. We sell the latest designs individually, in tubes and monster boxes. All coins are inspected by our in-house team of experts before posted to you. Our 1 oz gold coins are sent to you with free insured delivery throughout the UK.

Whether you are a coin collector or a serious investor we are sure you will find something from our world of 1 ounce gold coins ranges to suit your budget and need. Invest in gold bullion coins today with us at low premiums above Live Gold Spot prices.

Why invest in 1 troy oz Gold coin?

The 1 troy oz Gold coin weight is the most popular and frequently minted gold coin weight in the world. These are a few reasons why 1 oz gold coins make a good choice for buying.

Being a medium weight gold coin the production and transportation costs are lower for these coins when we compare them to their 1/2 oz or 1/4 oz gold coins weight equivalent, this results in a lower premium above spot price for anyone investing in the one ounce gold coins.

The global spot price (benchmark price) of gold is also published for 1 troy ounces of pure 999.9 gold, so when you are buying one full ounce gold coin you can be sure of the price that you are paying above this benchmark price. Also being such a popular weight gold coin you can sell them easily, if you need to liquidate some of your precious metal into cash.

How many grams in an ounce of gold in a bar or coin?

We are often asked how many grams in an ounce of gold or how much is 1 oz gold? To answer simply, 1 troy ounce gold coin contains a minimum of 31.10 grams of pure 24 carat fine gold and at this weight level, they are relatively easier to add to your gold coin collection.

One ounce gold coins are also available in 22 carat (916.7) fineness however their actual weight will be higher and the minimum 24 carat pure gold they will contain will be 1 oz  (31.10 grams). A good example of 22 carat gold coin is 1 oz US Gold Eagle Coin, the actual weight of these coins is 33.93 grams as they are minted in 22 carat gold, however the pure 24 carat gold in them equates to 31.10 grams (1oz).

You can check today’s price of 1 ounce gold here, as well as historical prices of Gold in USD ($), Euro (€)and Pound (£).

Is gold investment good and is it better to buy one ounce gold coins or gold bars?

Gold coins are one of the oldest  forms of currency and have been around for hundreds of years. There are a few factors to consider when making a choice whether to buy 1oz gold coins or bars.

The 1 oz gold coins, which are 31.10 grams in weight, offer great alternative to buying gold bars. Unique designs from the world’s leading mints make them more appealing choice for both collectors and investors. There are mainly two types of gold coins that can be purchased; First and most popular are Gold ‘coins’ produced by official government mints which are considered legal tender in the country of origin and secondly gold ‘rounds’, produced by private mints and their design vary based on various subjects.

In a contrast to ounce of gold bars, the coins are designed and minted based on an interesting backstory and at times with limited mintage numbers. The historic connection and low mintage numbers can also make them more valuable in addition to the metal intrinsic value.

On the contrary gold coins have a marginally higher production cost due to the processes involved in minting them when compared to gold bars, which results in slightly higher premium for coins compared to equivalent weight gold bars.

One of the other major difference to consider when choosing between one ounce gold coin or gold bar is their legal tender status. One ounce gold coins minted by the sovereign mint, for example, the UK Royal Mint are considered legal tender in the UK, hence there is no Capital Gains Tax (CGT) to be paid on the profits you make when you come to sell your gold coins. This provides investors and collectors with an ideal strategy when buying gold bullion.

What's the Best Type of Physical Gold to Buy-​

Which gold coins should I buy?

We sell a range of one ounce gold coins from around the world at very low premiums and you can purchase them online on our secure website

You can choose to buy one ounce gold coins from our broad range which includes Gold Britannia, American Eagle, Austrian Philharmonic, Krugerrand Gold Coin, Australian Gold Kangaroo, Canadian Maple Leaf, Queen’s Beasts and Lunar Series Gold coins.

These coins contain gold in the purest form. An ounce of the solid gold coin is made from pure 999.9 gold, which is its finest form and contains a minimum of 31.10 grams of fine gold.

One of the best 1 oz gold coin to buy is the coins minted by the UK Royal Mint as they offer unique tax-free investments due to their legal tender status. They are Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Free for UK residents. The bestselling gold coins from the Royal Mint are 1 oz Gold Britannia and Gold Sovereign.

Additionally, like other investment, these gold coins are also VAT free.

2021 1oz Gold Britannia Coin

Why invest in physical gold coins?

Gold has been long considered an important part of any balanced investment portfolio as it tends to go up when other investments are declining to provide a safety net to your investment portfolio. Gold is also a well-known hedge against inflation and provides financial security in times of uncertainty and crises. When we consider the gains you make on your gold holdings (Capital Gains Tax), these are not due until you sell your metal and realise a profit.

When buying physical gold coin coins from us you are buying a tangible asset and there is nothing more satisfying than holding solid gold coins in your hands. Gold coins are also easier to sell making them a flexible investment when compared to gold bars.

How to buy and store gold coins?

We recommend only buying from a reputable dealer or a financial organisation with a proven track record.  At Bullionjoy, UK we have helped hundreds of customers in purchasing physical gold bullion from us. All the gold coins we sell are stocked by us in our secure vaults and purchased either directly from the Mints or their authorised distributors. Rigorous internal checks are also made to ensure that when you purchase gold coins from us you can sure of the authenticity and fineness of the coins you receive.

A number of storage options are now also available at insured safety deposit boxes for a nominal sum to help you further protect your gold if you are concerned about keeping your items at home.

Order your 1 ounce gold coins with Bullionjoy today for fast and free insured delivery. All our items are sent in discreet and unmarked packaging for added safety.

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