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Quarter Ounce Gold Coins

The quarter-ounce gold coin (1/4 oz) is a very affordable option for investing in gold. If you’re looking to take advantage of the current low gold prices, or just interested in adding something beautiful and historic to your stack of investments, consider buying one of several hand-picked quarter ounce gold coins. Gold coins offer investors a valuable asset over paper investments (ETFs) while also giving them the freedom to buy at low premiums per ounce.

What is a Quarter ounce (1/4) of gold?

Each of the 1/4 oz gold coin weighs 7.78 grams of pure 24ct gold, which is one fourth of a troy ounce of pure fine gold (31.10/4). Each bullion coin is exactly a quarter of a Troy ounce; a traditional measurement that is an important part of the $US$ value of gold as well. All our quarter ounce gold coins are priced in line with Live Gold Prices and we sell them at low premiums over the spot price.

Gold is a worldwide store of wealth. 1/4 oz gold coins are a smaller denomination of gold coins available on the primary market. These bullion coins are an excellent opportunity for investors and collectors to add more physical gold to their portfolio in smaller increments, as well as to enter the world of buying and collecting gold coins.

Which coins are quarter ounces in gold?

We stock a wide range of 1/4oz gold coins from the major mints of the world. Some of our most popular quarter ounce gold coins include Britannia, Krugerrand, American Eagle, Australian Lunar Series, Queen’s Beasts, Australian Kangaroo, Austrian Philharmonic. On this page, you can buy various quarter ounce bullion gold coins which depict different national, historical, and special commemorative themes. You can also purchase a quarter ounce gold coin from our Best Value collection if you are not after a specific year or type of gold coin. Each of our quarter-ounce gold bullion coin will contain a minimum of 7.78 grams of pure 24 carat gold.

Which coins are gold coins are CGT (Capital Gains Tax) free?

Quarter oz gold coins like the Britannia and Queen’s Beasts series from the Royal Mint are also CGT (Capital Gains Tax) free for UK residents.

Are sovereigns the same as 1/4 ounces

of gold?

When comparing to the most popular gold sovereigns coins which contain 0.2354 ounces of pure gold, the Quarter Ounce Gold Coins contain straight 0.25 ounces of pure gold. The quarter ounce gold coins are almost similar in size to full sovereigns however provide an excellent chance to differentiate your coin collection.

What better way to invest in the future than with 100% pure gold?

When you buy a quarter gold from Bullionjoy you are investing in a tangible physical asset that is guaranteed by individual sovereign mints like the UK Royal Mint, US Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, and the Perth Mint. The 1/4 oz Gold Coins typically have low mintage limits and their prices can be driven upwards by high market demand.

When you invest in a quarter ounce Gold Coin you are investing in a tangible physical asset that is guaranteed by individual sovereign mints like the UK Royal Mint, US Mint, Royal Canadian Mint and the Perth Mint. The Gold 1/4 oz coins typically have low mintage limits and their price is often driven upwards by high market demand thus making them a popular choice for those seeking both investment stability.

Our quarter-ounce gold coins come in a fantastic range of designs. As well as featuring designs from the world’s most popular bullion coin ranges, such as Britannia and Queen’s Beasts series, we also offer many other collections to choose from. All of our coins are brand new and are supplied by major mints. To make sure your quarter ounce gold coins remain in perfect condition, we use only quality capsules when dispatching them to you in fully free delivery.
Whether you are looking for a specific quarter ounce gold coin or have trouble finding them we can probably source them for you. Contact us now on 0121 517 0309.

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