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Gold Sovereign

Buy UK Gold Sovereigns

Buy full gold sovereign online today – the sale of full gold sovs is one of the most popular gold coins to buy/ invest in the United Kingdom. The sovereign gold coins are unique as they are exempt from capital gains tax (CGT) and VAT Free in the UK, making them a favourable asset class for investors who want to take advantage of gold’s price appreciation without paying taxes on profits they make when they sell at a later date.

Sovereign bullion coins are made of 22ct gold (916.67) and are sold on the weight of the fine gold. The current UK price of gold is reflected in our live gold spot price chart.

What is Gold’s Full sovereign weight and purity?

– The gross weight of a full gold sovereign is 7.85g, and the fine gold content weight of 7.32g.

What is Half Gold Sovereign’s weight and purity?

– The gross weight of a gold Half-Sovereign coin is 3.99g, and a fine gold content weight of 3.66g.

The Royal Mint released a Double gold Sovereign in 2020 with a weight of 15.98g and a fine gold content weight of 14.63g.

What is a gold sovereign worth today?

If you want to know more about what gold coins are, check out our ‘Sell Gold and Silver‘ section. You can also call us at 0121 517 0309 to assess the value of your gold sovereigns – Learn why gold is so valuable and why it is worth investing in gold coins 2022.

If you are looking for more CGT-free options or think about inheritance tax on gold to diversify your portfolio, then 1oz Gold Britannia will be a good place to start, or if you’re interested in investing low, the Britannia silver coin is perfect because of its low investment price.

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