1 Ounce Gold Bars

1 ounce gold bars are the perfect way to invest in pure, bullion. Our 1oz bars are favourite amongst investors looking for a long-term investment with low margins and great value for money – Bars will often be cheaper than coins of similar weights. We only stock LBMA-approved refiners who manufacture these bars themselves, so you can trust their authenticity as well as how high quality your purchase is. All contain 31.103g of pure 24 carat gold; gold prices include free insured UK delivery.

1oz gold bars

Gold investors have many options to consider when it comes not just the type but also size and design. From simple, straightforward 1oz bars from world-renowned companies like Metalor or Heraeus up to exquisite craftsmanship at PAMP and Perth Mint, there is something for collectors, investors, and someone looking to stack their gold.

Our bullion bars are offered at very competitive premiums, usually proving cheaper than many of the 1oz gold coins, and they’re delivered fully insured next day. A troy ounce is a traditional unit for measuring pure gold that weighs 31.1035 grams – which makes it popular among British investors looking to buy bullion online by post.

Why Buy 1 ounce of gold?

Gold bars are an excellent choice for investors who want to add quantities of gold bullion to their portfolios. Buying 1 ounce of gold is a simple method to invest in physical gold. We also have a variety of sizes and quantities available, so you can invest as much or little as you like. In addition, we offer 1 ounce Best Value alternatives that allow you to increase your money while maintaining quality. Finally, if you are looking for physical gold today as a part of your bullion investments, we have several brands and types available to meet your requirements at competitive prices.

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