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1oz Gold Britannia Coins

The 1oz Britannia gold coin offers investors the opportunity to invest in a physical asset exempt from Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and VAT-free. The Royal Mint retains ownership of all Gold Britannias it produces, making them an excellent choice for long-term savers looking for stability and security as well as those who want to buy into commodities.

The one-ounce Gold Britannia has been produced by the Royal Mint since 1987. The coin was originally 22ct – Gold Britannias that were made between 1987 and 2012 have a diameter of 32.69mm. They are 22-carat coins, which means they have 1 troy ounce of pure gold mixed with a bit of Copper or Silver. In 2013 it became 24ct with a fineness of 999.9. The trademark for production belongs to The Royal Mint and there is only one manufacturer of genuine Britannia coins; unlike other products such as bullion bars that are available from many manufacturers around the world.

The British Royal Mint produces a variety of gold bullion investment coins, including the 1/2, 1/4, and 1/10 ounce Britannia coin. It features Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse and an image of Britannia – an ancient British national icon who appears on many other British coins dating back to ancient Roman times – on the reverse.

Gold Britannia UK

One ounce, 1/2, 1/4, and 1/10 Gold Britannia’s coins are made from 24ct gold with a purity of 999.9. This makes them the best value investment for those who want to invest in physical gold.

It is important to remember that these bullion coins are not just an investment – they are also collector’s items that have been treasured over time because they represent something good about Britain’s past or present history.

Are Britannia gold coins a good investment?

Gold Britannia coins are a popular type of investment because they have been historically profitable. Investors find them to be an appealing option because one-ounce gold coin in the UK is on average less than $1,894.29. It may fluctuate based on the current market value of gold over spot price, but typically this cost remains relatively low comparatively. You can find the price of Britannia coins in GBP on our live gold price charts.

These gold coins in the UK are appealing options for investors as they have legal tender status, and hence these coins are exempt from CGT which is paid on profits made from the sale of assets. They are also VAT free, which means that when you buy a Gold Britannia there is no VAT to pay.

The 1 oz Gold Britannia legal tender gold coins are guaranteed by the government, the face value of each gold coin is 100 pounds sterling (£100).

The Britannia is a highly sought-after coin with the output of the new design of Britannia 2021 1oz gold coins. We have next-day shipping available within the UK and offer these rare coins in our inventory for immediate purchase.

Alternatively, investing in 1oz Silver Britannia can be an option if you’re looking to invest small. Our range best value Silver Britannia offers a lower premium and comes with free shipping.

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