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1oz Gold Britannia Coins

The 1oz Gold Britannia Coin is a favourite among collectors worldwide for being an affordable option of gold investment. Since 1987 when the Gold Britannia was introduced, it has become one of the best-selling gold bullion coins in the world.

Is gold Britannia CGT free?

The 1oz gold Britannia coin is the bestselling investment product. It has a face value of 100 pounds and is a legal tender coin in Britain that contains 1oz of pure gold. The Britannia coins are exempt from Capital Gains Tax (CGT), and are also VAT-free, which means they are perfect for investors looking to maximise their returns and minimise their taxes. This means you will pay no tax on any profit you might make when you sell them, so you can spend or reinvest however you please.

Are gold Britannia’s made from 24ct gold?

These coins are minted in 24 carat gold and part of the Royal Mint’s gold bullion range. A small, yet powerful, addition to your portfolio containing 31.1g (1 troy ounce) of pure gold. The Gold Britannia is one of the few coins to change its composition twice during its 25-year history. It was altered in 1990 from 22-carat to 24-carat and again in 2012 to 99.99% pure gold. Britannia bullion coins investments are available in a range of denominations including 1oz coin, 1/4oz gold coins and 1/10oz coins.

This coin’s design features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on one side and an image of Britannia on the reverse.

Why buy gold Britannia for investment?

When buying physical gold bullion like the iconic one ounce Gold Britannia coin, you will acquire a product that will never lose value. This is because the demand for these coins tends to outstrip supply, which then keeps their values high over time. Adding value to your portfolio is one of your concerns. Gold Bullion Coins such as Britannia’s come with added benefits – a physical asset that holds real value. With higher bullion purity and the ability to be produced in various weights and sizes, you can go from modest storage capacity with smaller investments that would be appropriate for you, to richer capacity with additional investments should your portfolio expand.

At Bullionjoy you will be buying with your gold at market real live gold pricing.

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