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Silver Coins

Why buy 1 oz silver coins online in the UK?

For many years, purchasing silver coins online has been the standard practice. You can invest in various types of 1oz silver coins worldwide, including Britannia, Lunar series, and Royal Arms UK coins. We also sell coins from mints worldwide, such as American Eagle, Krugerrand, and Maple Leaf. Silver is just as secure as gold, but it’s considerably more cost-effective. As a result, 1oz silver coins are not only a fantastic investment opportunity, but they may also develop into a highly collectable item over time.

Bullionjoy searches the market for the greatest pricing and works directly with mints in different countries and their authorised dealers to find you the finest premiums on silver coins. Except for the extremely limited mintage coins, gold and silver bullion coins generally have a fixed design and are produced in large quantities, except specific mintage coins. They come in various weights, although the most popular fine silver coin is one troy ounce (31.1 grams), which is easy to trade and comes very close to its “spot” value.

Which silver coin to buy?

View our handpicked selection of 1-ounce silver coins for you – lowest priced 1oz silver bullion coins.

Coins in this category contain one troy ounce (31.1035 grams) of fine silver.

Silver coins are not the same as silver rounds, which are more popular. The sovereign mints’ most popular offerings are typically backed by the central government, guaranteeing the weight, purity, and in many cases, the nominal price for the coin. Every year, each mint tends to adhere to similar weight, fineness, and metal content standards. Thus, bullion Coins are a good way to invest in physical precious metals.

The common 1-ounce silver bullion among collectors and investors is the Royal Mint’s 1997 edition of the British Silver Britannia, designated by the UK government as legal tender. Along with the 1oz Britannia coin, another minting from The Royal Mint include 1 oz Oriental Border silver coin, The Valiant Silver Coin, and The Royal Arms Silver Coin.

2021 Silver Coin

Silver coins are a good investment.

If you have a smaller budget in mind, investing in silver should be an option for everyone, and 1 ounce of silver is the perfect approach forward. Starting with a small entry point For UK investors, 1 oz silver Britannia would be a great option as these are CGT free however silver bullion is not exempt from VAT.  

One ounce silver coins also offer an endless variety of options, such as 1 oz Lunar series coins from Australia or 1 oz Maple Leaf Coins from Canada. These coins feature iconic animals on their designs, whether it be various animals from the Chinese Zodiac or the beloved Canadian Maple Leaf.

American Silver Eagle one-ounce silver bullion coin

American Silver Eagle one ounce bullion coin was first released in 1986, and they are the official silver bullion coin of the United States of America. American Eagle Silver coins have a distinct appeal amongst collectors and stackers due to their matt finish.

Canadian 1oz Silver Maple Leaf

Canadian 1oz silver maple leaf is the official bullion coin of Canada. The silver maple leaf was first issued in 1988 and contains 1 troy of .9999 pure silver produced by the Royal Canadian Mint. The Canadian maple was the world’s first .9999 pure silver bullion coin. The quality and craftsmanship of The Royal Canadian Mint is recognised worldwide, and their bullion coins are highly sought after.

Which 1oz coins are made by the Perth Mint?

The Perth Mint Australia silver bullion coins are very popular worldwide amongst coin collectors. Perth Mint’s annual release includes 1 Troy oz of .9999 pure silver coins in Australian Silver Kangaroo, Australian Silver Kookaburra, Australian Silver Koala, and Lunar series, to name a few. Perth Mint prides itself in minting the highest quality of Bullion coins, and most of their coins come encapsulated from the mint to ensure only the highest quality coins reach their customers.

Why is 1oz Krugerrand Silver bullion popular?

Krugerrand Silver bullion Coins the silver version of the most popular gold bullion coin, The Gold Krugerrand. The first Silver Krugerrand was released in pure silver in 2017 following 50 years of success in pure gold. The coin features a perfect illustration of Springbok antelope or “bookie, the national animal of South Africa, and is minted by the Rand Refinery.

Silver round coins are often referred to as collector coins; there are many in the bullion market and usually are limited edition as their designs change every year. The silver collector coins are made in various weights, of 0.5 ounces (1/2oz), 1oz, 2oz, 5 oz, 10oz, or 1 kilogram, these have a much higher premium, and many have the potential to increase in value due to their limited mintage.

Bullionjoy posts all bullion coins from our secure warehouse in the UK, and we offer a wide range of silver coins with free, fully insured delivery throughout the UK.

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