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Half Gold Sovereign

How much is a Half Sovereign Worth?

How do gold half sovereign value by the year? The half Sovereign were first produced in 1817 during the reign of George III to make larger denominations easier and more convenient to handle – and today it is an attractive addition to any collection. Half Sovereigns were normally just used for special commemorative occasions such

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2021 Full Gold Sovereign Coin

What is a Proof Gold Sovereign?

Gold Sovereigns are the best selling coins in the UK and a must for any serious coin collector and investor. Gold Sovereigns have a fantastic benefit over other gold coins, due to their legal tender status, the Gold Sovereigns are Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Free for UK residents. Additionally, as they are investment grade Gold coin

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What's the Best Type of Physical Gold to Buy-​

What’s the Best Type of Physical Gold to Buy?​

What’s the Best Type of Physical Gold to Buy? Gold has been a popular investment and a store of wealth for thousands of years. There are two basic forms that gold bullion can be bought in: bars and coins. Whether you want to invest in gold or just have a portion of your portfolio that

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One Ounce Gold

One Ounce Gold

What Is One Ounce Gold? Precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum are measured in troy ounces (t/oz). The troy weights system back dates to 1400’s, introduced within the medieval British coinage system. The abbreviated term oz is commonly used within the gold trade across the globe and the price for gold is displayed

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Bullion Coins

Gold vs Silver

One of the questions we get asked frequently is which precious metal should we own Gold or Silver?   Gold is primarily bought as an asset and a hedge against inflation by individuals, central banks and investors. The other main uses of Gold include manufacturing jewellery and now being used in various electronics. Silver, apart

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2020 1 oz Australian Kookaburra Silver Coin bj

What is a Proof Coin?

The silver proof coins are designed for collectors, and include a certificate of authenticity. The image depicts the coin’s minting date and denomination. A proof coin is the highest quality of coin a mint produces. These coins are attributed a much higher value than the metal itself. Proof coins are struck on specially prepared planchets

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