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Britannia Silver Coins

Britannia Silver Coins are our popular 1oz selling silver investment coin from the Royal Mint, UK.  1oz Silver Britannia is available from us at very low prices, they are also particularly popular due to their status as British legal tender making them excluded from Capital Gains Tax (CGT). The Britannia is one of the most affordable to purchase in 1oz of silver, making them a great option for investors and collectors.

Silver Britannia’s bullion was first minted in 1997, the designs on the silver Britannia’s changed over the course of the years however following the 2017 anniversary, the new Guilloche effect was used for all BU Coins in years 2018, 2019 Britannia, and 2020 1oz Silver Britannia Coin. At present both the gold and Britannia coins feature a standing figure of the lady Britannia and on the observe the fifth portrait of Queen Elizabeth.

Are you thinking of a viable place to invest your money into within the UK? Then getting yourself the British silver Britannia coin is a good idea. The Britannia coin is considered to be one of the flagship British coins. The Royal Mint introduced the silver bullion coins in 1997 and the coin has since become a favorite for many people.

Why is silver Britannia coins considered a great investment?

The silver Britannia coins as great face value. It’s not only the face value that makes it a great investment to consider. Here are more reasons why you should buy silver Britannia coins in 2020.

It is a tangible asset

As an investor, it is a smart idea to invest in tangible assets. Why is this so? Unlike money or some digital product, its value cannot be depreciated by increasing its production. Again, it offers protection against uncertain economic periods like inflation.

Real store of value of Silver 

Silver, like Gold, has monetary value. For many years, it has been used as a currency more than Gold has been in use. Even though it is subject to price fluctuation, there is no single time that the Silver Britannia has ever gone to zero.

1oz Silver Britannia coins are easy to liquidate

A good investment is one that you can easily liquidate if the need arises. This is what makes the Silver Britannia 1oz coins a good option – they can be traded virtually in all parts of the world. You can buy the silver coins online today and resell them tomorrow without any difficulty. Additionally, there are 10z Silver Britannia Bullion coin dealers in major cities around the world which makes it easy to buy or sell them.

You will be investing in a private and confidential asset

How many assets can be termed as private in the modern market? They are highly regulated and your portfolio is known which makes it mandatory to remit taxes for every gain. If you want to find some privacy and anonymity as an investor, buy some 10z Silver Britannia coins.

Buy your silver bullion coins form a genuine dealer within the UK

At Bullionjoy, we offer services you can trust. We have a variety of silver coins for the cheapest prices from the Royal Mint that you can choose from. We provide valuable bullions at relatively low prices in the market.

What’s more? We always have the latest silver coins in the market within the UK.

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