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Canadian Maple

Buy the Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Bullion coins at the lowest UK prices. The 1 oz silver coin is minted in 999.9 pure silver. Add the most popular and sought after 1oz silver bullion coin in the world to your coin collection.

The Canadian Maple Leaf is a globally recognised icon of Canada. Over the years it has actually pertained to symbolise unity, resistance, tranquillity, strength, and also endurance. It started being included in 1965 on the modern Canadian flag as well as gained grip globally as a keystone symbol for the country. The maple fallen leave and also mostly the maple tree’s significance origins back to pre-colonial times when Canada’s indigenous individuals utilized it as a crucial food source. Its historical meaning, as well as strong symbolism, now mean vital values the Canadian people aim to stand for

Another stunning coin introduced by Coininvest and The Royal Canadian Mint is the 2020 Silver Canadian Goose 2oz Bullion Coin. 2oz silver bullion coins are extremely popular when it comes to silver stacking and also buying gold and silver online. The 2020 Canadian Goose Coin is subject to a very limited mintage of only 50,000 so it will certainly be a valuable collector’s product moving forward.



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