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What Are The Best Gold Coins To Buy In The UK 2022?


  1. The best way to invest in Gold UK – then invest in 1 troy oz Gold coin?
  2. How many grams are there in an ounce of gold in a bar or coin?
  3. Do 22ct American Eagle Gold Coins contain one-ounce gold?
  4. Which is a better investment: Buying One Ounce Gold Coin or an Ounce Gold Bar?
  5. How and which gold coins should I buy in the UK?
  6. Why invest in physical gold coins?
  7. How to buy and store gold coins?

When it comes to investing in precious metals, gold is one of the most popular choices. This is because gold has been used as a store of value for thousands of years, and this trend continues today.

You can buy one-ounce gold coins from our broad range, including 1oz Gold Britannia coin, American Eagle, Austrian Philharmonic, Krugerrand Gold Coin, Australian Gold Kangaroo, and Canadian Maple Leaf, Queen’s Beasts and Lunar Series Gold coins.

These coins contain gold in the purest form. One ounce of the solid gold coin is made from pure, refined 999.9 gold, containing at least 31.10 grams of fine gold in its purest form.

Coins produced by the UK Royal Mint are one of the most valuable 1 oz gold coins for investors in the United Kingdom. Because of their legal tender status, these bullion coins provide unique tax-free investments like Vat, Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Free and are beneficial for inheritance tax for UK residents. Investing in gold coins is a good idea, especially in the 1 oz Gold Britannia and Gold Sovereign coins.

The best way to invest in Gold UK – then invest in 1 troy oz Gold coin?

The world’s most widely circulated and produced gold coin weight is 1 troy ounce, and various governments and private mints mainly produce them. The face value of the one troy ounce coin in the UK is £100, but it trades at a price as it is dependent on the gold value in the market today.

1 oz coins in the market are made in various finishes: some have proof or uncirculated finish, while others are finished in bullion. As a result, it’s vital to understand that proof coins have a higher premium than bullion gold coins.

There are other coins which can be looked into when investing in bullion. The weight of one-ounce gold coins is medium because they are made and carried at a lower cost than half-ounce or quarter-ounce gold coins. This lowers the premium above spot price for anyone who invests in one-ounce gold coins instead of their 1/2 oz or 1/4 oz gold coins equivalent in weight.

The global gold spot price (benchmark price) is also published for 1 troy ounce of pure 999.9 gold. The spot price of gold today is calculated by the London Bullion Market Association and sets the bar for gold trading, yet this is not usually the cost you will pay because many fees are involved that are added as premium charges. When it comes to selling gold coins, the current gold price can also tell you what your investment return is likely to be. Converting precious metals into cash is the simplest and safest approach when you need cash flow.

are gold bullion coins a good investment

How many grams are there in an ounce of gold in a bar or coin?

How many grams are in an ounce of gold? We get this a lot. What is the definition of a gram in ounces of gold, and how much is 1 oz gold? To put it simply, a troy ounce of the gold coin has at least 31.10 grams of pure 24 carat fine gold.

Which gold coin is Best Buy?

Do 22ct American Eagle Gold Coins contain one-ounce gold?

One ounce gold coins are also available in 22 carats (916.7) fineness; however, their actual weight will be higher, and the minimum 24 carats of pure gold they will contain will be 1 oz (31.10 grams). An excellent example of a 22-carat gold coin is a 1 oz US Gold Eagle Coin; the actual weight of these coins is 33.93 grams as they are minted in 22-carat gold. However, the pure 24 carat gold equals 31.10 grams (1oz).

You may also look at the current price of one-ounce gold coins on our live chat, as well as historical prices in dollars ( $), euro ( €) and pound sterling ( £).

Which is a better investment: Buying One Ounce Gold Coin or an Ounce Gold Bar?

One of the most well-known and widely used forms of money is gold, which has been in circulation for hundreds of years. So when deciding whether to invest in gold coins or bars, there are a few things to think about;

  1. Gold coins from the world’s best mints are more appealing to collectors and investors since they have distinctive designs. Two sorts of gold coins may be bought: official government mints create gold “coins,” which are recognised legal currency/tender in the country of origin, and private mints produce gold “rounds” with varying designs. These coins are most appealing to collectors as these are likely to fetch higher returns after decades as they become rare.
  2. In contrast to an ounce of gold bar, the coins are designed and minted based on an interesting backstory and, at times, with limited mintage numbers. The historical connection and low mintage numbers can also be more valuable than the metal’s intrinsic value.
  3. On the contrary, gold coins have a marginally higher production cost due to the processes involved in minting them than gold bars, resulting in a slightly higher premium for coins than equivalent weight gold bars.

In contrast to buying Gold bullion bars, they are simple, solid and uniform in design – stamped with weight and fineness. They carry less premium over the spot gold price, making them more suitable for large gold investors looking to accumulate ounces of gold. Smaller bars have a premium; however, they are ideal for gifting on Birthdays, Anniversaries, or other special occasions.

One of the other significant differences to consider when choosing between a one-ounce gold coin or a gold bar is their legal tender status. One ounce gold coins minted by the sovereign mint, for example, the UK Royal Mint, are considered legal tender in the UK; hence there is no Capital Gains Tax (CGT) to be paid on the profits you make when you come to sell your gold coins. This provides investors and collectors with an ideal strategy when buying gold bullion.

best gold coins to buy for investment uk

How and which gold coins should I buy in the UK?

We offer a variety of one-ounce gold coins from across the world at very low premiums, and you can buy them on our safe and secure website

You can buy one-ounce gold coins from our broad range of gold coins;

  1.  Gold Britannia
  2. American Eagle
  3. Austrian Philharmonic
  4. Krugerrand Gold Coin
  5. Australian Gold Kangaroo
  6. Canadian Maple Leaf
  7. Queen’s Beasts
  8. Gold Sovereigns 
  9. Lunar Series Gold coins.

Why invest in physical gold coins?

When you purchase real gold coin coins from us, you’re acquiring a tangible asset that is more satisfying than any other investment. Gold coins are also easier to sell, making them a more versatile investment than ETF.

How to buy and store gold coins?

We recommend buying from a reputable dealer or a financial organisation with a proven track record. At Bullionjoy UK, we have helped hundreds of customers purchase physical gold bullion. All the gold coins we sell are stocked in our secure vaults and purchased directly from the Mints or their authorised distributors. Rigorous internal checks are also made to ensure that you can be sure of the authenticity and fineness of the coins you receive when you buy gold coins from us.

If you are concerned about keeping your gold at home, several storage alternatives are now accessible for a low cost in insured safety deposit boxes. For example, when you buy gold from Bullionjoy, we provide a free storage facility and can assist you in selling your gold immediately or posting it to you free of charge.

Disclaimer: Precious metal prices can be volatile and the value of your metal may go down as well as up. No responsibility can be accepted by Ajjore Limited T/a Bullionjoy for any loss caused by acting on information we have provided. Disclaimer: This blog is the personal viewpoint of one individual. Before investing, customers should conduct their own independent research and get advice from experts. We are not a source of investment advice; therefore, the contents of this article should not be considered investment advice

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