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What is Gold Tola Bars and Price Today?

A Tola is a measurement unit derived from the Indian subcontinent. It was used to weigh precious metals in coins or bars, and it comes from India. The terms “Tolah” and “Tole bars” are also used by certain businesses.

In many parts of Asia, both grams and kilos are used to measure weight. Tola bars of gold, on the other hand, is still immensely popular in India and Pakistan, whether for jewellery, trading or simply as a gift. It is important to note that a tola doesn’t refer to any specific weight measure. It can sometimes range from 10 grams, 18 grams, 21 grams and up. As such, it isn’t easy to calculate the worth of your gold bars if you’re not sure how many grams they weigh.

The history of the Tola

The word Tola is a Hindi and Sanskrit term meaning balance, scale or weight. Hindi – (Tolā) or Sanskrit ‘Tulā.

Tola bars and coins existed in India and around for hundreds of years. But the British East India Company, in 1836, said how many grams were in one Tola. So the East India Company made a silver Rupee that was one Tola in size, or 180 troy grains. The majority of the previous weights were rounded up to 178 or 179.6 grains to maintain consistency in trading.PAMP 1 Tola Gold Bar 1 Tola Fortuna Gold Bar

Due to their distinctive rounded corners, Tola bars are undoubtedly one of the most collectable gold bullion products. In addition, because of their geometric design and round edges, Tola bars were highly popular among smugglers entering India, which helped to boost their popularity. The majority of Tola bars are produced in 22 or 24 carat gold with a purity of 999.9 officially, but these are 999.96 purity.

1 Tola Gold Bar Price In the UK

The market price of 1 Tola Gold Bar is approximately £520 based on the live gold price. A tola, in most cases, equals 11.66 grams in weight. A tola bar is manufactured by a large number of different gold refineries across the world.

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How Much Is 1 Tola Gold in Grams?

One tola gold bar has 11.664 grams of 24 Carat (999.9 Fine Gold). This means the 1 Tola gold bar is worth £588.10 UK pounds. (price quoted on November 2021)

To know the spot price of a tola gold bar, divide the current troy ounce gold price into 31.103 grams as once ounce gold is 31.103 and then multiple this into tola grams: 1384.12 / 31.103 x 11.664 = £519 .10 / 1 tola gold bars price in the UK.

How much does a Tola weigh?

When it comes to the Tola weight system, there are three categories of standard weights defined by the Indian government. A tola is equal to 180 grains (11.66 grams), a 3 Tolas = 540 troy grains = 1.125 troy ounces = 34.98 grams, 5 Tolas = 900 troy grains = 1.875 troy ounces = 58.3 grams and 10 Tolas = 1800 troy grains = 3.75 troy ounces = 116.6 grams.

Pakistani Tola weight system for Toal Bars;  1 Tola = 180 troy grains = 0.44 troy ounces = 12.5 grams, 3 Tolas = 540 troy grains = 1.32 troy ounces = 37.5 grams, 5 Tolas = 900 troy grains = 2.2 troy ounces = 62.5 grams, 10 Tolas = 1800 troy grains = 4.4 troy ounces = 125 grams.

When purchasing tola gold bars, be sure to verify the weight in grams since this may vary depending on where they’re produced and which country they’re destined for. PAMP Suisse Tola gold bars are available from us are made according to Indian weight specifications.

The Tola bars were still widely used, but the subcontinent now had access to 10g, 100g, and 1 kg gold bars at banks and jewellery shops, so people didn’t need to use Tola bars very often.

Today many gold traders give high importance to their weight system in grams/troy ounce and purity.

Tola Gold Bar Price Chart

Tola bars similar to invest in?

If you want to invest in gold bars and coins that weigh the same as Tola Bars, then the following is a great alternative to Tola Gold Bars. The weight of Tola Gold bars is measured in grams, but below you will find some popular coins and bars that are available in grams for your convenience.

1 Gram Ounce (oz t) = 31.103 grams (grams). 1 ounce (oz t), of gold, is equal to 31.103
1 Tola bars alternative option is 10g gold bars.
For 3 Tolas, alternative option 1oz gold coin selection.
For 5 Tolas, then 50 gram gold bars (best value)
and if you are looking for a higher investment than 10 Tola, try our 100g gold bars.

We also sell large gold delivery bars 1 kilogram size- call us today to get the best price.


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