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What is a Gold Ingot and its Worth?

What is a Gold ingot?

A gold ingot is a gold bar that is cast it is made by pouring molten gold into a mould. It is different from other bars because it was made from molten gold and not stamped or minted i.e. like gold bars which are made by stamping. This word ingot comes from the making process, which involves pouring liquid gold metal into a mould to make cast bars.

What size are gold ingots?

Gold bars must be made of 99.5% pure gold. According to LBMA, they state that a Good gold Bar weighs 11-13 kilograms and contains 350-430 ounces of fine gold. 400oz ingots contain at least 398 ounces of fine gold. Gold ingots are sold in different weights.

The 400 Oz Gold Bar is the biggest size available in this shape currently.

What Is A Gold Ingot?

Ingots may also have additional information engraved or molded onto their surface. It could be an indication of the metal purity it contains (999.5 or 999.9) along with the serial number, refiner’s hallmark, fineness, year of manufacture.

Gold ingots can be heavy to carry. They are 210-290mm by 3 inches by 55-85mm and the height should be; 25-45mm. The official name for the gold ingot that is held by banks is “Good Delivery.”

If you’re looking for 100 grams of gold, 1 ounce of gold Bars, or smaller-sized bars of gold we recommend using our site’s search bar at the top left corner of this page.

How much is a Gold Delivery Bar or Ingot worth?

A Gold Delivery Bar’s worth is not constant, and one’s price may vary according to the purity of the metal. It could be valued based on its current spot price, or it might have a higher value because of its greater purity. The prices of gold fluctuate daily, and so to know the worth of your ingot you need to multiply its weight by today’s gold price per ounce. So current gold sport price today is at £1,333.85 per ounce- 400oz ingot bullion x 1,333.85 will value of around £533,540.

For a gold bar to be considered a good delivery bar, it needs to weigh about 400 troy ounces. It also needs to have the right purity level and physical appearance. The same is true for silver bars (1,000 troy ounces).

Why Invest in Gold Bars?

Investing in gold has been done for decades now. It’s become a third-pillar of investments, in addition to stocks and bonds. There has been a lot of debate on the reasons why investors should buy gold bars, as it is an expensive asset to own.

But there are many compelling reasons why you should own some amount of gold bars in your portfolio. Let us look at the reasons why you should invest in gold.

Investing in Gold: Reasons Why It Makes Sense

One of the best reasons for investing in gold bars is that it simply makes sense if you do not want to take any chances with other investments like stocks and bonds. These days, investors have a lot of fears about the future economic prospects, and they are worried about the ability of stocks to offer them decent returns.

Investing in gold is a lot simpler than any other kind of investment since it does not require you to follow the ups and downs that come with equities. Investing in gold bars is something that has worked for many investors over several decades now.

Gold Delivery Bar - Gold Ingot

If you invest in gold bars, you can be sure of a secure future for your financial assets. Another reason why it makes sense to invest in gold is that it has shown an ability to outperform stocks and bonds over the long term.

Some experts are of the view that gold bullion could provide better returns than equities, over the long term. This is because of the fact that gold is significantly undervalued right now, and if it were to return to its all-time highs, you can be sure of impressive returns from your investment in gold bars.

Bullionjoy stocks both large and small gold bars with different gold contents and weights including tola gold bars. We can also source your desired gold content from main distributors/refiners if it is not in stock. All our bars are delivered by post with tracked special delivery within the UK.

We buy your gold back at a good spot price, meaning you will get the best return on your investment. For example, see our live gold spot price to find out how much your gold ingot or bar could be worth today.

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