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Buy Silver Bullion – UK

why add silver to your portfolio

Add silver bullion to your investment to diversify your portfolio. We have a range of silver bullion coins and bullion bars for you to choose from Bullionjoy.The most flexible, rewarding and cost-effective way to buy silver bullion online is with We give customers choice when it comes to buying silver bullion by providing investment products in the form of silver bars and coins in a variety of sizes, 1oz, 2oz and 10oz silver coins.

Is silver bullion a good investment in the UK?

Inflation in silver and gold bullion prices

Many investors consider bullion to be a store of wealth. Silver bullion such as silver Britannia coins is a popular choice for those looking to add precious metal bullion coins to their investment portfolio especially if you are a UK resident, as these are CGT (Capital Gains Tax) free. Our range of silver coinage includes the classic Silver Britannia coin, the latest Queens Beast coin series, the Valiant and the UK Lunar coins.

Investing in UK sovereign silver and gold coins is very popular in the UK as it gives you the freedom to invest & sell as much or as little as you need, without having to pay tax on any profit that you make on the coins which are CGT exempt.  

Inflation in silver and gold bullion prices

Inflation has an extremely powerful influence over gold. Inflation is the rate at which the prices for goods and services are rising. When inflation increases, and uncertainty grows – investors flock to the gold, silver and other precious metals.

Gold’s allure has been around since the beginning of time. What makes gold so fascinating is that it truly behaves like no other commodity. Mining stocks seem to follow their own course – while oil and agriculture must follow population and economic shifts. But gold is different from all other commodities. Gold’s price fluctuates with more than just economic shifts-it trades according to supply and demand forces as well as investor sentiment! 

Is silver bullion a good investment in the UK-

Silver is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to gold as a safe haven investment, and has been for some time. Although there are pros and cons to owning each precious metal, silver has some very distinct advantages which could ultimately see it outperform gold. In the past silver has always recovered much faster from major price declines than most other investments and commodities, and in cases of sustained economic downturns it can also increase the value of property held against it many times over. Combined with growing demand both now and in the future, this makes it a very strong investment opportunity for those that do decide to buy silver.

Please read our disclaimer – Your buying in gold and silver is your responsibility
Our publications do not offer investment advice and nothing in them should be construed as investment advice. Our publications provide information and education for investors – who can make their decisions without advice in buying precious metal. If you require advice please contact a advisor for investment as this service is not provided by us


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