How much is a Half Sovereign Worth?

How do gold half sovereign value by the year?

The half Sovereign were first produced in 1817 during the reign of George III to make larger denominations easier and more convenient to handle – and today it is an attractive addition to any collection. Half Sovereigns were normally just used for special commemorative occasions such as the monarch’s birthday. As such, they’re also referred to as Commemorative Coins.


The Half Sovereign is a best value coin, especially when it comes to its buying price. It is an ideal investment for both collectors and investors. The collector is always looking for rare variations of this series and the investor tries to take advantage of its continuous increase in gold value.

The value of gold is dependent on the market fluctuation and varies according to the current gold spot price.

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What is the difference between a half sovereign and full?

Half Gold Sovereign

A half and full Sovereign both have a face value, qualifying them as legal tender in the UK. While the full sovereign weighs 7.98g – coin features a £1 value, the half sov weighs 3.99g and the piece has a 50p face value. The Sovereign coins are made from 22ct gold, and have been designed as an affordable way of owning a coin worth more than its denomination value, back by the government. Looking to find out if your gold sovereign is real? Then read our blog on ‘How To Tell If Gold Is Real

What is the size of a half gold sovereign?

Half Sovereign gold coin history, with a purity of 22 carat or 91.76% purity and weight of 3.6575 grams (0.1177 troy ounces ) fine gold; the overall weight of the Half Sovereign is 3.99 grams; diameter is 19.30 mm and a thickness of approximately 1mmThe Sovereign coin value has been calculated over years and is continuously increasing due to the rising gold price, but nevertheless is an object of value to all coin collectors!

Are gold sovereigns CGT and Vat Free?

The sovereign value by year and of course they are valuable than its monetary value.

Purchasing a half or full Sovereign is an investment on many levels – they are legal tender in their face value making them exempt from Capital Gains Tax (CGT) for UK citizens and VAT free.

CGT means the profit which is obtained from selling or buying half sovereigns is not taxable since they fall in the money category.

How much is a Half Sovereign Worth today and How can I sell it?

Half sovereigns are a little different from the modern coins in your pocket. Made of gold, they were in circulation between 1817 and 1913, when they were replaced with modern florins, shillings and crowns. During their time in production, there were various types (dates) of half sovereigns minted for different countries around the world. A rare date is sure to attract bidders at auction, so if you own valuable half sovereigns it is worth calling us to get an estimated value of your gold coin today.

A full gold sovereign, meanwhile, contains 4.96g of gold while a half sovereign has just 3.99g of pure gold for estimation you can use our gold price chart to see today’s gold spot price, in the UK.

British gold sovereigns worth anything a lot depending on the year they were made and where they were made. Call us to get a value on the rare gold coin you have and we can calculate you the best gold price today.

2021 Half Gold Sovereign worth

Interesting Fact about UK Half Sovereign

The British gold half-sovereign was made from the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901) through to the end of Edward VII’s reign in 1910. Pre-Queen Victoria half-sovereigns were struck during the reigns of George III (1760-‘1820), and George IV (1820-’30). During Victoria’s reign and up until Edward VII’s death in 1910.Gold Sovereigns are minted in Australia, Canada, India and the United Kingdom as well as South Africa.

Are half sovereigns a good investment?

Introduced in 1817, the Half Sovereign is a good way to start investing in coins. It is reasonably priced and you can buy it very easily especially it requires very little investment. So far this year it has been very much in demand from investors and price levels have been strong to consistently high for this coin which is currently at around £185.00.

For those who wish to take advantage of the substantial premiums being realised by gold coins, then an older date, such as an 1872 Victoria Half Sovereign is a good option. Sovereigns have a great substantial gains for those that buy now and sell later at the right time as they are CGT free.

Find Value of a Full and Half Sovereign

The value of a gold half sovereign coin is based on the specific year it was minted, which country, and how rare the coin is. We offer mixed-year half sovereigns which are a good investment. We also sell half sovereigns for people who need them to complete their sovereign collections. You can buy them from us and they feature kings like Queen Victoria, King George V, and King Edward VII.

Are you looking to find out the value of your full or half-sovereign coin? Bullionjoy can help with that. View our price chart for gold and silver prices to see how much your gold coin might be worth today, and contact us on 0121 517 0309.

Design of the half and full Sovereign

On the Obverse: The sovereign is seen as collectable coin, widely regarded as the most prestigious bullion coin in the world, and this updated design of the legendary Sovereigns has been minted to the highest quality by The Royal Mint. It is legal tender and portrays the faces of kings and queens who ruled under Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.On the reverse it is depicted St. George, slaying a dragon; it`s a classic obverse for all the sovereigns, with additional engraving also by Benedetto Pistrucci whose initials appear on the reverse to the right of the date.
Sovereigns are used in jewellery

Gold sovereign coins are not just collectable coins however gold sovs feature in gold jewellery, most commonly as necklaces and rings. Gold is valuable and its properties allow humankind to use it in different ways. Gold sovs are quite traditionally worn gold coins in jewellery; may it be in 9 Carat chains or 18ct carat men’s gold ring. 

Should I invest in half gold sovereigns and are they valuable?

When investing in gold coins or gold bars, it is best to diversify your gold portfolio in 24 carat gold and 22 carat gold. Precious metals offer a safe haven during times of economic uncertainty. The Sovereigns investment is an excellent addition to any portfolio. Gold sovs are regarded as some of the most attractive coins in the world, offering investors a superior option to speculate into gold. Sovereigns have had an enduring reputation and continue to trade at a premium over the spot price of gold. With its divisibility, half-sovereigns offer investors the convenience of purchasing smaller quantities of gold especially when you are looking to invest first time.


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